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"My Range Never Bothered Me Anyway" an Alto sings a hilarious parody cover for all who love “Let it Go” but can’t hit its high notes, i.e. 99% of us.

A bit of its hysterical lyrics:
Oh no, it’s come to the bridge, that can’t be good news
It’s getting about as high as I can go, dear god, whose
Idea was it to even let me attempt this?
I’m straining so damn hard, I’m fucked from here on ouuuuuuuuuut!

Fuck this shit, so done with it

These are notes I just can’t hit
Before my throat goes dry
My voice will crack and then I’ll cry

This is me trying to sing Disney songs haha

reasons why frozen is f*cking awesome


7. beautiful animation


6. Idina Menzel’s voice

image  image

5. romance is a side dish, not the main course


4. ambiguous villains and complex characterization



3. the truth about love



2. the princess saving herself: an act of true love is performed by her, not on her—and it’s not a kiss, either


And the number one reason why Frozen is kind of amazing…

1. two unique, three-dimensional women who find strength in one another


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